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Costa Rica has expanded its economy to include strong technology and tourism industries. The standard of living is relatively high. Costa Rica offers a wide range of banking and financial services catering to personal as well as business banking. Recent government reforms and the introduction of private banking have also made Costa Rica an attractive choice for investing.

List of Costa Rica Banks
Offshore Bank in Costa Rica


Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

P.O. Box 6714-1000
Av. 1 y 3, Calle 4
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 212 2000
Fax: 506 255 2436

Banco Central de Costa Rica

Av. Central y Primera
Calles 2 y 4
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 243 3333
Fax: 506 243 3011

Banco de Costa Rica

P.O. Box 10035-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 287 9000
Fax: 506 255 3316

Banco Credito Agr�cola de Catargo

P.O. Box 5572-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 223 8855
Fax: 506 222 1911

Scotia Bank

Centro San Jose
San Jos�, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 521 5680
Fax: 506 255 3076

HSBC (Corporacion Banex)

P.O. Box 7983-1000
Av. 1, C. Ctrl, Edificio Banex
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 257 0522
Fax: 506 256 0210

Banco Cuscatlan

Av. Primera
Calles Central y Primera
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 257 6363
Fax: 506 221 3072

Banco Interfin

Del Ice En La Sabana, 600 M. Al Oeste
Entrada del Bulevar
P.O. Box 6899-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 210 4000
Fax: 506 233 4823

Banco Cathay

Condominio Industrial Pavas
De Sylvannia, 600 M. Al Oeste
Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 290 2233
Fax: 506 296 4323

Banco San Jose

P.O. Box 5445-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 256 9911
Fax: 506 222 8208

Banco Promerica

Edificio Promerica
Carretera a Pavas, 500 Oeste de la Sabana
Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel.: 506 296 4848
Fax: 506 232 5727


Private banks usually offer quicker and more personalized service, shorter lines and English speaking staff. However, they may have fewer branches available outside of the central valley. The great majority of private banks are connected with banks outside the country so that transfers can be done relatively quickly.


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